Weimaraner od Rybníka Podhoráku

Elma od Starého Krče pod Čertí Skálou

28.4.2010 - 4.5.2022
Height: 62 cm
Weight: 30 kg
Pedigree: HERE
DCM screening certificate: HERE

Kety excels in seeking out the game and is a passionate retriever. She works very well on a blood track too. We go daily into the hunting ground. We attend huntings regularly not only with our local club but also as guests at other hunting districts rich in pheasants and hares as we do not have that many here. Our hunting ground is rich in roe deers mainly, less hares and wild boars. Kety´s got an inborn eagerness to hunt the damage-causing animals. She´s friendly with other dogs unless the food is around. She´s a bit closed off to strangers and a very good home guard. She loves and protects her mistress and the whole family with all her dog-like heart and in return she has an honourable position of beloved family member. :)
Kety gave us three litters A, B, C and fulfilled her maternal role amazingly. Since 2019 it is Tara´s, her daughter´s from the B litter turn to continue the path of breeding. The role of a hunting companion will hopefully sustain without limitation for some more years to come.


25.08.2012 AUTUMN TESTS Těšany

2nd merit – 273 points, nose 4

17.08.2013 AUTUMN TESTS
Josefa Daněk Memorial, Želeč-Prostějov

1st merit – 252 points, nose 4

Josefa Daněk Memorial, Želeč-Prostějov

2nd merit - 68 points

05.10.2013 FORESTS TESTS Stříbrná – Sokolov

3rd merit - 206 points, nose 4

27.10.2013 FORESTS TESTS Kamenice-Plzeň

1st merit – 218 points, nose 4, WINNER OF THE TESTS

Nové Dvory (OMS Kutná Hora)

1st merit, 98 points, 3rd place


12.05.2013 CLUB SHOW Dětenice

Very good, judge Hana Kunfalvi

12.05.2013 SPECIALTY SHOW Bechyně

Excellent, judge Iuza Beradze

04.01.2014 NATIONAL SHOW Brno

Excellent, judge RNDr. Petr Dvořák

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