Weimaraner od Rybníka Podhoráku


I chose the prefix of our FCI kennel according to the existing place, where we love to go for training or for a walk. The pond Podhorák is located in the woods above Havlíčkova Borová, which is a birthplace of the famous Czech writer K.H.Borovský and our cottage, which is our second home, is located nearby.


Elma aka Kety was born 28th April 2010 in Šumperk in Michal Bednář's kennel „U STARÉHO KRČE POD ČERTÍ SKÁLOU“. Her breeder is an active hunter and his bitch Ajša, dam to our Kety, is actively used for hunting. Kety was born in Ajša's second litter, where were 4 girls and 2 boys. Her siblings were given names Eli, Enola, Elza, Emir and Eddy. Kety's father is also active hunting dog Atos z Křesína.

Výmarský ohař  od Rybníka Podhoráku Výmarský ohař  od Rybníka Podhoráku
Elma od Starého Krče pod Čertí Skalou "Kety"

My big dream came true with Kety and she turned my life upside down. My first intention was only to have a family buddy for active life. But it had soon changed into training of basic obedience and hunting under family Kočovi /Weimaraner Club of CZ - Olšina/, Jaromír Gratcl, Jana Wasserbauerová, Pavel Švarc and Martina Sedláčková, as we got the inspiration to do more than that. I thank very much again to all mentioned for their help and advice. Thanks to their help Kety and me passed autumn, forest and water hunting tests. Since autumn 2012 we regularly participate at hunts in our area (Vysoké Grejda) and also other locations. In 2013 I decided to attend hunters workshop, passed the tests and became an owner of firearms pass. It was a part of my journey where I had to learn a lot for a person completely untouched by hunting and it gave me so much. And still there is so much more to improve - it is a neverending passion, which you have to enjoy and we enjoy it so much. Kety became a founder of my breeding and I will forever be grateful to her for that. I chose my second bitch Tara, out of Kety's second litter. She is different to Kety - not only physicaly because she has longer body and she is also taller - but also mentally. I had to use different techniques with her as her character is softer in regards to training. After we decided to keep Tara we also moved from town to village with our own house and garden.

Breeding Weimaraners is a nice hobby but also responsible activity. I aim for combinations, where I can be sure the studs are passing on their health genes and working passion to their puppies. I look for studs who are actively used in hunting practice and also fully in type of the breed standard. There is also so much to learn in this area as well as to rise above particular negatives and dissapointments that simply are being part of the world of dog breeding. My intention is to breed healthy dogs balanced in nature with passion for work, retrieving not only hares and pheasants to their owners but also bringing joy to their lives.

Our mums to be are always giving birth at home in a whelping box, which they are getting used to a week before delivery. Our vet is always on the phone if need to be. When puppies are 4 weeks old they are moved outside and only for nights they go back indoors. As they grow the whole big garden is available for them as well as many toys. They are always under watch. Puppies are fed with raw meat, viscera, pasta, rice, buckwheat, oats, eggs, veggies, fruits and cottage cheese. Their menu is different each day...

For our puppies we are looking for new owners who are active hunters or active people who are able to give the dog an opportunuty to be trained and participate at hunts. Which was my own case a few years ago. Last but not least also familes and nice people who are able to provide their dog happy life filled with activities, training, trips to nature and care, which is so much desirable for this active breed.

Please do not ask us for a puppy if you are the kind of person, who does not like to be given "very good" at shows or you do not keep your word. If you want a puppy from me, first of all ask yourself multiple times one simple question: „Why do I want a Weimaraner?“

Výmarský ohař  od Rybníka Podhoráku
Elma od Starého Krče pod Čertí Skalou "Kety"

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