Weimaraner od Rybníka Podhoráku

Bea Tarra od Rybníka Podhoráku

*11th May 2016
Height: 65 cm
Weight: 35 kg
Pedigree: HERE
DCM screening certificate 2020: HERE
DCM screening certificate 2019: HERE
DCM screening certificate 2022: HERE
Ophthalmic exam: HERE


I have chosen Tara out of four bitches in the B litter. She´s the tallest bitch in the litter which at dog shows has so far brought her repeatedly the result „Very good“. She´s got that sturdy look. This however doesn´t effect her work abilities or speed in the field. We have passed the FIELD working tests when Tara was 16 months old. She is fast in the field and I was even asked by the judge if I´d like to compete in the trails with her. (not my cup of tea so far). Tara is a good retriever, she enjoys it very much, her pointing is firm. Training standstill when encountering the live game was a bit of a challenge but we have managed by time. Just as her mother Tara is eager to hunt the damage-causing animals such as cats and martens. Her water surface searching at the duck hunts is perfect in daylight as well as in dark. She chases after a wounded duck till she captures it. She is very persistant in that and literally is a hunteress. Apart from the huntings her willingness to search the water surface on a command is not so much willing. My fault though, I should have been more consistent when training. We have done the fox training and she retrieves the fox but doesn´t like it much. We may yet pass the Forest tests. Regarding her nature, she is a bit sharp, an excellent guard of home and family and a sweet pet to family members and friends. She´s friendly to other dogs and bitches when working but strange bitches in her own garden aren´t welcome! J We attend huntings on a regular basis in the course of the hunting season both, with our local hunting club and as guests elsewhere, which I am grateful for.


16.9.2017 AUTUMN TESTS
OMS Žďár nad Sázavou, Vidonín

1st merit, 277 points, nose 4

10.06.2017 – TAN
OMS Chrudim, Luže

1st merit, 222 points, nose 4


12.5. 2018 SPECIALTY SHOW Točník

Very good, judge L. Fialová


6.5. 2017 CLUB SHOW Bartošovice

Very good, judge O.Nehyba


29.10.2016 INTERNATIONAL SHOW Prague



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