Weimaraner od Rybníka Podhoráku



Kety and Tyler

The most important factor for choosing Tyler was his health. I do not know any other dog with more health tests then Tyler in our club. His beauty and working abilities are also greatly appreciated and influenced my choice. Last but not least his lovely and ballanced nature.
In general he is very noble and elegant male, fully in type of breed with bone of middle strength, very well expressed male characteristics and beautiful masculine head. His show results from puppy classes to veteran classes speak for themselves.
Tyler's greatest domain is work in forest and water, where he can fully show his passion for retrieving. He is harsh to harmful game and loves to follow blood track. He has perfect nose and loves to hunt in reeds, deep water. He is swimming long distances and searches for game in water for longer than 15 minutes is not a problem for him. He passed autumn, water, forest and blood track hunting tests all in 1st merit. More info /www.emeraldmarvel.cz/tyler.

During his show career Tyler collected following titles C.I.B., C.I.E., Czech Grand Champion, Slovak Grand Champion, Hungrian Grand Champion, Czech Veteran Champion, Slovak Veteran Champion, Champion - CZ, SK, HU, PL, SL, ČMKU


DCM screening certificate: HERE
Eyes: clear

6.4.2019 Spring hunting check OMS Mladá Boleslav: HERE
2.12.2018 IDS Praha - very promising in baby class, judge Ing. Černohubová
4.5.2019 Specialty club show Slavkov u Brna - Excellent 3rd/20 in junior class, judge Hana Ahrens (A)
31.8.2019 Club show KCHVO Konopiště - Very good in intermediate class, judge Václav Koldinský
27.10.2019 Autumn hunting tests in 3rd merit, 264/300 pt., OMS Nymburk
21.6.2020 Autumn hunting tests in 1st merit, 292/300 pt., 4th place out of 17 dogs, OMS Teplice
8.8.2020 Water hunting tests in 1st merit, 84/100 pt., OMS Kolín
8.8.2020 NDS Interdog Bohemia Mladá Boleslav - Excellent 1st, CAC, National winner, BOS
26.6.2021 Forest tests in 2nd merit, 228/248 pt., OMS Praha-západ
17.7.2020 NDS Interdog Bohemia Mladá Boleslav - Excellent 2nd, res CAC in working class
14.8.2020 DUOCACIB Brno - very good in working class, judge: MVDr. Ing.Veronika Chrpová, Ph.D (CZ)
15.8.2020 DUOCACIB Brno - Excellent 3rd in working class, judge:Malgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska (PL)

Carlen aka „Ashley“ had the orange ribbon. She was calmer puppy compared to her siblings. She grew up into a beautiful female with height of 63cm. Together with her owner they are in training for hunting tests. Good luck, girls!


06.07.2019 Blood track tests - 1st merit
20.07.2019 Autumn hunting tests - 1st merit
03.-04.08.2019 M.Korič Cup – 1st merit (Water test – 1st merit and forest test - 1st merit)
22.02.2020 Club show Nitra (SK) - Excellent 2 in open class, judge Juliana Ptáčková (SK)
22.8.2020 Club Autumn tests for pointing dogs - 1st merit, res.CACT, 245 pt., 2nd place out of 15 dogs 26.-27.9.2020 Koloman Slimák Memorial CACIT, CACT (VZ) Borský Mikuláš - 408.b. 3rd merit
26.6.2021 Club show Budměřice - Excellent 2, resCAC in working class
31.7.-1.8.2021 Marián Korič Cup, Budměřice
    Water tests - 1st merit, Forest tests 1st merit, altogether 366 p., 3rd place
out of 24 dogs
13.-15.8.2021 Int. Allround tests Kolíňany - Štefan Krasňanský Memorial, 474 p., 3rd merit, 11th place out of 17 dogs
21.8.2021 Duodanube Bratislava - Excellent 1 CAC in working class, judge: Fintorová Ludmila (SK)
Caesar was born as the first in the litter and had the blue ribbon. He has no white marking. Lively, playful and naughty as all of them. Casanova, who was always together with girls. He lives in Slovakia with his owner Matus, who is a hunter. On older Weimaraner lady is company to him. From the very beginning they train for hunting and they also aim to get stud male registration.


28.04.2019 Spring hunting check OMS Žďár nad Sázavou: HERE
12.05.2018 Specialty club show KCHVO Točník – very promising in baby class, judge Ing. P.Buba
12.01.2019 National show Brno - Excellent 1st, CAJC in junior class, judge MVDr. M.Kalich
04.05.2019 Specialty show Slavkov - Very good in junior class, judge Hana Ahrens (AT)
31.08.2019 Club show Konopiště – Very good in intermediate class, judge Thorsten Ehnle (DE)

Cody od Rybníka Podhoráku, the boy with green ribbon without white markings. Comic of the litter and big cuddler, who now lives with his amazing family in region of Zdar nad sazavou. Cody is developing into lovely built male of strong bone, height 65cm and he has great ethusiasm for work.

Unfortunately life brings also sad news. One of them is that Cody went over the rainbow bridge 6th July at the age of 3,5 years. He was under a surgery due to tumor on his spleen when he gave up his life. We are very sad and sorry. Cody, I am sending you the sweetest kiss that breeder can send to his puppy! In my memories you will always be the cheerful puppy with a green ribbon. I will never forget you!


DCM screening certificate: HERE

04.05.2019 Spring hunting check Slavkov u Brna: HERE
31.08.2019 Club show KCHVO Konopiště - Very good in intermediate class, judge Václav Koldinský
14.09.2019 Autumn hunting test in 1st merit, 289/300 pt., nose 4, 2nd place out of 16 dogs - OMS Třebíč, Třebelovice

Cassie aka "Berta" had the red ribbon and she was the biggest girl in the litter so I am not surprised she has grown up into a huge female of 64 height of strong bone without white markings. She lives with her family and her master Milan, who is a hunter in area of Trebic. She loves water and her jumps are phenomenal. Cassie is a hunter with every inch of her body.


20.04.2019 Spring hunting check OMS Český Krumlov: HERE
31.08.2019 Club show Konopiště - Very good in junior class, judge MVDr. František Šimek
3.10.2020 IDS České Budějovice - Exc.1, CAC in open class, judge Miroslav Václavík

Cora aka „Sany“ is a girl with the yellow ribbon withut white marks on her body. She was the smallest from the litter, but fearless. Height of 62cm. She lives with her owner Míša and her family in Český Krumlov.


27.04.2019 Spring hunting check OMS Chomutov: HERE

Carson or also „Jack“, as his owner calls him, had the purple ribbon. Together with Cassie they were the biggest pups in the litter. Curious cuddler and a garden tourist who climbed out of the whelping box. He has no white marks and grew up into height over 70cm, which does not surprise me as his grandfather Atos was the same.


Calsie had pink ribbon and a little white shirt-front and white finger. She was the most lively of all the girls - a pretty pack of energy. She lives with her owners in Brno and do „Military sports“ in nature with her owner.

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